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Sci-Fi Project

Sci-Fi Project

Natàlia Oliva Farràs
by natcolourss on 20 Apr 2023

A concept project set in a Sci-Fi world in which technology is powered by special crystals

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Creatures: Woobles and Skepy

Woobles is a cold-blooded creature with slippery skin that allows him to have cutaneous respiration, similar to catfish. When working, Woobles takes the crystals Skepy has found, polishes and prepare them for its specific use. He also experiments with the energy these crystals emits.

Skepy is a small flying creature covered in soft fur that maintains their body at a constant warm temperature.
When working together with Woobles, Skepy, recollects the shining stones they need for energy. And, since they are a rather small creature, they can sneak into dificult places to get to the crystals.

Weapons: Long and Short

Environment: Laboratory

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