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Carcaillon Maxime
by xamix on 26 May 2019

I am very happy to present you, with my partner in crime, Eliott Lemaire, our video game project, E404. Here goes the artstation of our talented Character Artist : My LinkedIn : Music by Meyze

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In 2101, humanity declines because of pollution, as the robotic population increases everywhere. But wealth is kept by remaining humans so androids are trapped in global poverty. This perverted system maintains as banks control the justice and prevent any revolution.

But beneath the rich city, three little cyberpunks get out of their underground ghettos to avenge their brother’s death and mess society up. They will battle against police forces, mug rich citizens, and eventually find a way to break this circle of robotic poverty.

You will follow the rampage of Pixx, El-kick and Rubb-R against police forces, as you can see in the first video, and explore maze-like cities, like in the second video.

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