Prinz Quadruple - Hunting Rifle - Game Asset
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Prinz Quadruple - Hunting Rifle - Game Asset

by PeterHolton on 19 Apr 2023

Currently on the last steps of this Project, just uploading prematurely for potential Interviews and recruiters. Personal project, improving on my asset creation process. High-end custom hunting rifle. Approximately 35K Tris, with a texture set each for the rifle, the scope, and the ammunition.

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Update - 19 Apr 2023

Some Basic Information:
I made this personal asset, following various tutorials and methods. Mainly guided by the Dekogon Studios tutorials by Alex Medina on artstation learning, and mixing in a healthy amount of tips from videos by Tim Bergholz(ChamferZone).

Alex Medina:
Tim Bergholz:

As for the process that I had, I tried modeling more using booleans, attempting to stay less destructive than I usually do. This would prove both useful and a headache.

Useful; as I at times had a hard time gauging the measurements of certain things, as the information for these custom weapons is very varied since the individual rifles are made to fit.

And a headache; when I got too tied to using booleans, for basic shapes that would be very fast to redo, even if forced to later.

This shows some of my work while doing the basemesh and figuring out the measurements:

After finishing the basemesh, I moved on to the highpoly. This was following mostly Alex Medina's tutorials, and using the mainly "Remesh" workflow in Blender. Taking the more complex pieces and essentially voxel remeshing them till they get a nice pog shading.
This worked great overall, except when I once again got too tied to the method and used it on pieces that didn't need it. Larger object that are easy to control with small details don't need the remesh workflow, and they will lose those details if the voxel size cant be low enough. Lessons learned :)

Here are another dump of images from my highpoly creation process:

I did not take a lot of screenshots or write a lot of notes doing the lowpoly/UVing or baking stages but this is when I started mixing in the ChamferZone tutorials, as these were also the ones I was gonna start out with for texturing.

Once in texturing I also received a lot of essential feedback from my previous teacher Pat Imrie and another talented artist Jessica Jennings on various improvements. This was of course on top of the piles of great feedback, I got from my current classmates at The Animation Workshop.

Images from texturing process:

Finally I rendered the asset in Marmorset and did some post process edits in Photoshop.

Thanks for reading :)

Here are turntables:

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