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X-Wing Hard Surface Model - Looping Animation

X-Wing Hard Surface Model - Looping Animation

Stephen Moore
by stephenmooremotion on 8 Mar 2019

This project's purpose was to focus on two new skills for me. I worked on hard surface modeling, and utilizing UV techniques to create something that felt cohesive and clean. This looping animation displays a single model, with detailed textures, making its way through the trenches of the Death Star.

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X-Wing Hard Surface Model

- This model was my first attempt at hard surface modeling. I wanted to dive into a topic that many others including myself enjoy: Star Wars. Creating the X-Wing was an interesting process. I enjoyed learning the hard surface techniques and finding out the most efficient ways to create the model.

- I also utilized UV Mapping so that I could lay out the texture I painted in Photoshop, and align it to the objects, creating the iconic X-Wing look.

- My last step of the project dealt with creating the environment it was in. I decided to place it none other than in the trenches. It was fun creating the space that the ship could fly in, and animating the loop so that it felt like it was always in action.

- Overall the animation is quite short, but I wanted to focus on the design and composite, while creating a loop that could last forever.

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