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Treasure of San Roberto Character Designs

Treasure of San Roberto Character Designs

Tai Bennett
by taibenben on 26 May 2019

Character designs for personal project

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This was a small brief that was set for me to work on over the holidays by CDW. I was to design 3-4 characters to be featured in a child friendly 3D animated movie/short. The setting is 1940's-50's America, all living things are animals and Hamlin Mcgee (the main character) is an adventurer at heart. He's a professor of archaeology at Stuarts University in New York. When he's not teaching he goes on adventures with his loyal and book-smart secretary, Arezo, in search of treasures and lost ruins. 
Dr. William Weazelton is the evil and nefarious colleague of Hamlin's. While Hamlin uses his knowledge of archaeology  for good Weazelton uses his knowledge for world domination, with the assistance of his own secretary, Kat. The story revolves around all the characters I've designed, as they race to find the treasure in a place called San Roberto, which if placed in the wrong hands could cause mass destruction.

I made 3 finished character designs (Hamlin,Arezo and Weazelton) and a sketch of the fourth (Kat)

Hamlin Mcgee

 Hamlin is a friendly pig, he is absolutely obsessed with archaeology and is all he researches in his spare time. I went with round shapes to make him easily identifiable as a friendly character. There is an outfit for when he is teaching and another for when he is adventuring!

William Weazelton

As the evil character in this story i made sure that he looked sharp and had a sly facial expression. William Weazelton is a victim of the world around him. He resents the people around him simply because he doesn’t like socialising, however he presents himself in a way that appears as though he is always happy. I chose number 9 because i thought it best fit his character, showing that he is happy but maybe for the wrong reasons. He has sharp shapes and a bit of a scruffy look while still looking professional.


Arezo the Afghanistan hound is an outgoing and happy dog, she enjoys her work with Hamlin and often reads in her spare time. Arezo frequently goes on adventures with Hamlin, holding his stuff for him in her backpack while enjoying the beautiful natural views they find along the way. Arezo also has two outfits, one for when she is at work and another for when she is adventuring. What a cutie!

First Arezo pass looked to sharp so i made her look a bit rounder and it matched her personality better


Weazelton's mean personal assistant! didn't get to flesh out her design but i made sure to use bold sharp shapes again to make her easily identifiable. A gesture sketch to show her attitude, and how much she doesn't care about anything!

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