Egyptian Hight Priestess

Egyptian Hight Priestess

by CJayI on 14 Apr 2023

I started this project with the idea of improving my 3D modeling and texturing skills, and bringing some new and interesting content. So, one day, I picked a card from a tarot deck with the idea of turning it into a 3D project! Here's the result.

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I began by sculpting the main character in Z-Brush, focusing on details skin. Than I moved on to Substance Painter to proceed with the texturing.

I wanted to try learning something new, so i decided to create the hair personally in X-gen.

Finally, I worked on shading and rendering in Arnold, trying to bring out the best from the texture and the details sculpted in Z-Brush.

Afterwards, I created all the necessary props for the scene. I made them in Autodesk Maya and ZBrush too and then textured in Substance Painter.

The character's tunic and dress were created and simulated in Marvelous Designer by Francesco Galvan (I leave his Instagram link here:" "). On the other hand, I personally created the textures in Substance Painter.

After completing the character and scene objects, I moved into Unreal Engine 5 to create a simple and fast environment to showcase my work.

Curious about what this software can do, I jumped into Niagara and created two simple effects, such as the magical fire and explosion that you see in the video.

I arranged all the props in the scene, adjusted the lighting, composed the sequences for rendering, and voilà! Here is the final result!

I hope you will enjoy my work!

I'm open to advices and tips and If you have some questions or requests, please feel free to contact me!

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