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The Villa

The Villa

Julia Palm
by palmviz on 29 Mar 2023

The creation of a Swedish villa based on dwgs from Alingsås Huspaket.

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The Villa

Meet the house inspired by the 20th-century charm. Take a step into the world of Astrid Lindgren and live in the Swedish classical villa in red with white corners. The greenery creeps in and creates an own oasis. The balcony becomes a gathering place for friends and family to capture the Swedish summer with a traditional daily fika. 

The house is going to be bathed in warm light and be contrasted with a neutral sky to make the facade glow with an inviting warmth. The sky will gain some color back and be broken up by clouds. In this visualization we will capture the warm late summer. Here, the image comes to life through a gorgeus greenery. 

In this project, we have worked from drawings by Alingsås huspaket. The assignment was to create attractive and accurate images based on the selected drawings and place it somewhere in Scandinavia. We were given some artistic freedom in the choice of light and materials to allow us to make unique images for our portfolios. During this project we were introduced to some new tools such as V-Ray, Rail Clone and Forest Pack.

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