Baba Yaga House

Baba Yaga House

Snezhana Golubeva
by snowdove on 28 Mar 2023

Diorama based on a character of slavic folklore - Baba Yaga. Inspired by the work of Ian Worrel "Mystery Shack Diorama". Modeled in Maya, topology for animation, sculpted in ZBrush, textured in Substance 3D Painter.

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Final image, I used Nuke and Photoshop to postproduction

Topology for Animation

I began modeling in Maya and then used it as a base for sculpting

I sculpted Modular Kit that I used to build the whole house duplicating and transforming the details.

I tried to mix realistic texturing with hand-paint, so I used megascans textures and drawed a basic pattern that I applied to the most of the props to create a "brushstroky" look and then faked "Toony" look with a black line art. 

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