School Project: Doggonaut

School Project: Doggonaut

Safmira Pennanen
by safmira on 27 Mar 2023

Concept artwork and game assets made by me for our first 2D game project at school. My role for this group were Concept & Character Artist, as well as animator. I also painted the background assets. This is a group project, however I've only shared my own work here.

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To really encapsulate the idea and hype up my group, I started with a concept illustration.

I was tasked with the design of the player characer. I began with lasso tool thumbnails and picked my favourites to develop further.

We ended up going with the bipedal version.

We had chosen the colour palette early on so this time I didn't really spend all that much time on colour testing.

Additionally, I was also in charge of designing the player character's weapon. We decided from the start that it was going to be a bone-shaped mace.

I also made background elements for the game.

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