Lurking Lotus

Lurking Lotus

Sasilvia Cheong Pei Hoong
by SasilviaCheong on 24 Mar 2023

"Lurking Lotus" is a piece of artwork centred on the concept of harmony. Drawn by Sasilvia Cheong Pei Hoong (0345031) from Taylor's University, Malaysia.

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Lurking Lotus

Seeing lotus lurking beneath the pond. "Why are some with lotus on their head and why are some with only sprouts?" The heads with flowers blooming on top represent people who open their eye and acknowledge what is going on in the world where the flower on their head blooms with knowledge. While the heads hiding in the water with sprouts on their head are people who hide from reality and shuts themselves out from society, so they are still a sprout trying to grow out of life.

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