The vanished Alchemist
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The vanished Alchemist

Pakito Longofilo
by PakitoExplain on 21 Mar 2023

The vanished Alchemist begins with a lovecraft-esque story about an Alchemist finding himself trapped by the power of an untamed and supernatural force. I wanted to give it an horror and gothic vibe with a pinch of steampunk to better describe the madness and confusion of the situation. I used 3D softwares to achieve a

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Update - 21 Mar 2023

Experimenting in his laboratory, Roland felt drawn towards the ceiling, as if a big draft was dragging him. Only when he lifted it glance saw that his study of him began to change, the books started to fly away and the roof became starry. In front of this supernatural spectacle, in that miasma of transmuting buildings and objects, amalgamated and vanished in the spectral aurora that was being created, the ambitious alchemist could do nothing but stand still and let it go. No one saw Roland again from the following morning, though many people swear they still hear his voice on freezing winter nights.

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