1902 - Voyage dans la Lune
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1902 - Voyage dans la Lune

Pakito Longofilo
by PakitoExplain on 21 Mar 2023

"1902 - Voyage dans la Lune" is a project born thinking about what if Frenchmen went on the moon at the end of 19th century? I heavily got inspired by 19th century classic authors such as Jules Vernes and by Georges Méliès' masterpieces.

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Update - 21 Mar 2023

At the end of the French Belle Époque and the beginning of the European conflicts, Georges Melies makes the first space expedition.

Destination: the Moon.

The documentary <Voyage dans la Lune> is produced, which made possible to finance other numerous trips to the lunar soil. At the moment the Moon is terraformed and colonized by the French Republic.

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