2-D — Character Rigging

2-D — Character Rigging

Yann Genty
by yanngenty on 20 Mar 2023

2-D is a fictional singer from the band Gorrilaz. I choose him to model and rig my first charactere. Then, he appears in "Vigie Pirate", our short film that we made in 6 weeks at Creative Seeds, he's customized as a pirate for the occasion.

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Charactere props and surfacing: Pierre Guelle (https://fr.linkedin.com/in/pierre-guelle-800bb61a1)

Environment: Alexandre Aublé

Animation: Jofrey Thiriat

Poses and turntables by me

extract of "Vigie Pirate"

screenshots of "Vigie Pirate"

Switch between Gorillaz and pirate clothes

extract of "Vigie Pirate"

reference board and turntable of 2-D

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