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the papilio princess.

the papilio princess.

Margaret Neafsey
by thornatelier on 18 Mar 2023

main characters + synopsis of a story i have recently come up with.

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at the continent’s center, a prestigious college stands. funded by the nobility and wide-spread companies throughout the land, the school was to prepare the heirs of family or company fortune, to go on to being a leader and/or in control of what their predecessor had done prior, and to enrich their legacy with their own endeavors.

in the final year of her schooling, 21 year old Myria takes the opportunity to transfer in. scraping by with some luck and scholarships, she wants to take this opportunity to experience what its like to walk along those who are noble. since she was a little girl, she had held tightly to the dream of becoming a princess. she wishes to seize all sorts of opportunities to be the grandest princess the world has ever seen! and there’s no one better for her to meet than the papilio princess.

to her knowledge, the papilio princess must be the most noble figure in the school. daily, duels are always held between students and the princess’s current knight. whoever wins the duel gets to remain at the princess’s side, and whoever is there by the time she graduates at the end of the year, they are to be wed. Myria wants to meet her at all costs, to learn what it truly means to be a princess and how to be recognized as one!

on her first day of transferring in, Myria, after defending a boy she saw being harassed, ends up being challenged by the man who had held the princess’s hand as her knight and soon-to-be husband. and in a turn of events, she ends up winning the duel. although shocked she’s become a knight, she’s excited to finally meet the princess!

…only for the princess to be the doll-like man she defended!

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