NORILSK - short film

NORILSK - short film

Aude Portales
by Nathaly Vienne, audepts, emeblln, gastelnaomi, ilonaquenea, nathalyvienne, and samuraigringo on 24 May 2019

Short film group project done for New3dge art school. We were a team of 5 , and we had 2 months.

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Norilsk is a short movie group project that we did this year at New3dge.

We were a team of 6 and we had 2 months.

I was in charge of the storyboard, the scene assembly, lighting, snow shader and the HUD

The Team

Aude Portales : storyboard , scene assembly, lighting, HUD

Céleste Devismes : concept Chasseur, layout, animation

Émérantiane Bouillon : modélisation & texturing enviro/props, FX

Ilona Quenea : modélisation & texturing enviro/props, FX

Nathaly Vienne : storyboard, modélisation texturing & rig Chasseur

Naomi Gastel : concept Drone, modélisation texturing & rig Drone, compositing

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