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Cute little Rot

Cute little Rot

Judit Carrera
by juditcarcues on 14 Mar 2023

This is my first character in 3D made with xGen and ZBrush, but I'm sure it isn't gonna be the last one :)

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My first grooming project

This is my first project made with Xgen and I enjoyed quite a lot. It's a fanart of the rots from Kena: Bridge of the spirits. I love this game and since I played it I wanted to make a Rot on my own and model some hats, so here it is!
Hope u like it :)

My references based on the videogame.

My goal is to model the 51 hats from the videogame in the future, but from now on I've made three versions of the mushroom hat.

AOVs passes

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