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Gate To Sanctuary

Gate To Sanctuary

Rodolfo Silva
by RodolfoSilva on 7 Mar 2023

This was a 6 week project for the 2nd module of my MA in game art at Escape studios. For this one the focus was organic environment modeling and exploring ways to squeeze the most out of ZBrush's non-destructive tools. I chose to get inspiration from the "Diablo" series since I love its dark gothic and horror tone.

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The first week it was all about research, producing an artbible, blocking out the level and making a first lighting pass.

The second week was about thinking how to actually assemble the level and which assets would take priority, which meant modeling the rock assets (particularly the giant rock assets) in order to use those assets to assemble the base of the level in a modular way.

I spent at least 2 weeks modeling/ texturing and iterating on the rocks using a wide range of Zbrush techniques.

Week 4 was about making other modular assets and the hero props.

Week 5 was about setting the final look of the lighting, making the material network and setting it up for vertex painting, blending the props with the terrain, variation parameters and detail maps.

Week 6 was about refining the camera work, the lighting making tweaks to the material instances, rendering and composing a final cinematic.

Enjoy the breakdown! :)

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