Raistlin Majere (Realtime Character)

Raistlin Majere (Realtime Character)

Luca Cavallari
by LucaCavallari on 4 Mar 2023

Realtime character. Raistlin Majere from Dragonlance universe as redesigned by Luca Rovelli (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VdLNaZ)

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This is my first personal project of a real-time character aimed towards a AAA industry standard.
Also my first time working with haircards, which took me quite a long time.

Raistlin body and equipments are 56 K triangles, haircards are 20 K triangles.
All texture maps are 2K, except for the face ones which are 4k.

It's not perfect, but I learned a lot from the difficulties encountered during the development of this character.
The cape and hairs have been a real struggle; also I modeled details that i could have easily rendered in textures (with a benefit also for the posing), and keep that polys for more worthy places...lesson learned, I guess ;)

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