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Nintendo Switch Sports cosmetics: Rosalina

Nintendo Switch Sports cosmetics: Rosalina

Christabel Lai
by moojodojo on 27 Feb 2023

This is a project for a university brief, where I have to create a model based on the style of a studio/game. I chose to mix Rosalina from Mario Tennis Aces with Nintendo Switch Sports character style.

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The brief of this project is to choose a studio/game and address the skills that I need in order to create models in the style of that studio/game. 

Goals for this project:

-Make a humanoid character

-Understand more about body structures

-Explore different styles 

Switch Sports humanoid characters have a lot of stylized input, making play still feel a sense of realism when playing this sports simulation game, I ensure to emphasise these features while putting in the elements of Rosalina. 

Initially, I planned to hand paint the hair strokes on the hair that indicate the flow of the hair. It turned out not as great as I thought, I also tried sculpting it to bake it, but it looked too detailed in comparison to the game. In the model of the game, the lines are quite consistent and organized, I was able to find one alpha in substance that did the job and work quite well.

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