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The Fall - Short Film

The Fall - Short Film

by davidesonsac, euvrardromain, maximerecuyer, robinadrb, and Éléonore Balguerie on 24 May 2019

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Round of applause for our sponsors

I'm proud to present you my first project of group realized at New 3DGE with the participation of:

David Bruyere - [email protected],

Eleonore Balgerie - [email protected],

Leia Peron - [email protected],

Maxime Recuyer - [email protected],

Robin André-Bourguignon - [email protected],

Romain Euvrard - [email protected].

Sound editing and sound design Fabien Crousillac, music from Anthony D'amario. 

In this project that lasted two months, I was mainly responsible of the animation, the explosion fx and all aspects of the plane from a basemesh found on the internet that I improved and made it animable. I created 3 states of different textures that change dynamically during the crash.

I also setup the scenes to be render ready.

It was a very rewarding project and the team's great teamwork allowed us to go above and beyond to make something great for a first team project!

Congratulations to all, I really loved it and I'm proud to have done it with you.

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