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by TeamAFTER on 16 Feb 2023

The <After> is a student project led by SF FILM SCHOOL. Many students have participated in this project. <After> is a sci-fi short film about fighting an intense battle against the spreading virus that threatens the existence of the humanity.

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A manlike hostile creature

Each of them has a launch tube on its hand that can shoot the virus like a bullet.

Most of the human infections are occurred by having a contact with a Verusian.

The size is approximately 310 cm (10 ft); it varies from an individual to an individual.

A few of the Verusians are 5 meters long. Considering this, it is estimated that they can grow bigger.

- RVTS (Revenant Soldier)-

Typically, it is an artificial intelligence robot that is specifically designed to fight against Verusians.

However, a few of them are cyborgs that contain human brains.

The average height of an RVTS is 190 cm (6.3 ft) tall and weighs 250 kg (551 lb).

Since they are programmed after the behavior database of trained soldiers, they are able to perform tactical attack and defense.

They are able to handle various types of firearms.

For weapons, they mainly used enhanced version of Scar-H rifle.

- VDT (Vendetta) -

It was designed to fight against flying creatures, Verus.

It is typically 11 meters (36 ft) tall and weighs 80 tons.

For the main body, Boeing's AH-64 Cockpit is used. The upper body can be detached and fly like an aircraft.

They walk on two feet but also can be drove like a tank.

It equips four 310mm cannons and one 40mm vulcan.

The firearms can be fired by artificial intelligence and the system is controlled by one pilot.


A flying creature

It is typically 20 meters (65 ft.) long, including its tail. It weighs about 13 tons. Each individual varies in size and weight.

It is presumed to be able to fly in the air by emitting unknown gases.

It carries a pack of Verusians by keeping them inside a pouch that acts like a mammal uterus.

They are hostile, but they don't have a special attack method. They usually attack by biting and whipping with its long tails.  


It is an organism that carries a pack of Verus.

Each of them carries about 500 Verus at once.

The mechanism of their flight is also unknown and their anatomy is yet a mystery.

Their appearance resembles a stingray and it is estimated to be 900 meters (3,000 feet) tall.

No one has ever seen Marnta's back.

- HMS Twins (D17) -

Two HMS Queen Elizabeth units were combined and enhanced.

It is 304 meters (1,000 ft) long and has a displacement of 150,000 tons.

It can transport 60 VDTs, 80 WAFs, 4 V44 Quadrones, 40 HRAV H3s and 20 AH-64Ds.

- V44 Quadrone -

A transport aircraft for troop transport that equips Tilt quad-rotor.

A container can be attached on the back of the V44 Quadrone.

Those containers are used for transporting soldiers.

When the containers are detached, maximum of 3 VDTs can be loaded at once.

- WAF -

Unfortunately, all of the F-22s and F-35s were destroyed and the F-15C was upgraded.

It equips 6 AIM air-to-air missiles and one 40mm Vulcan.

The maximum speed is Mach 2.5.

- HRAV H3 -

It is a vehicle that is designed for reconnaissance and attack during a ground combat.

Fast maneuvering strikes are possible at 140 k/h (87 mi).

It is armed with an M242 Bushmaster and an M240 machine gun.

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