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Big Brother is watching you

Big Brother is watching you

by jeromeseclier on 23 May 2019

I had to create and realize to visuals extract from a book (1984 G.Orwell). Project realized in summer 2018. The 3D was made with 3DS Max, textured with Photoshop, rendered with Vray and the post production was made with After Effect.

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Big brother is watching you

Miss Parson Apartment

In this visual, I chose to place a reference to Big Brother at the center of the frame with the TV, on the left and the right with some posters. The goal was (like in the first visual) to show cunningly that Big Brother is everywhere and can see everythings. 

Winston Smith living room

Here the goal was to put Big Brother everywhere because in the book the characters are always observed by the entity called Big Brother. So I decided to put a window and the TV, obviously the TV make us think to big brother because of the eye but the window is more subtle, because the window symbolize the outside and it means that it's a window from the outside to look at the inside (and vice verca), so Big Brother could be symbolized by the window. The only place where Winston can't be seen in the apartment it's in his alcove paced at the center of the frame. So obviously Winston is ineluctably encircled by Big Brother (even if big brother can't see Winston, he know what he do).

In this project I had to model an environement from a book, I chose the G.Orwell's book called 1984. I chose to create the apartment of Winston Smith and the one of Miss Parson. To do that, I did some sketches and thought about the framing and the meaning. This project helped me to progress. For exemple, since this project I've literaly give up with Photoshop for the post production. I use exclusively  the exr image file.

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