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Remnants in the Sand - Temple of the Old ones

Remnants in the Sand - Temple of the Old ones

by CelinevanderKnaap on 31 Jan 2023

My work on Remnants in the Sand: Temple of the Old ones - inside area. This was a student project made in a span of 8 weeks. I was the Art lead of this project and as an environment artists I was responsible for environment modelling, set dressing and helping out with sculpting.

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These environment shots of Remnants in the Sand was a collaborative process between Máté Válent, Tom van der Veeken and me. 

Máté Válent: Lighting, texturing and set dressing

Tom van der Veeken: Sculpting 

Arlo, the main character, concepted, modelled/sculpted and textured by Ruben Smit. 

Small asset kit

Small asset kit

These sculpts had to be done in a timespan from 30 to 40 minutes. We had to be very strict on deadlines.

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