We're All Mad Here

We're All Mad Here

Andrea Savchenko
by andreasav on 22 May 2019

Created for my Foundation Term Final Project at Think Tank Training Centre, this piece is a re-imagined Alice in Wonderland 3D render based on the concept "We're All Mad Here" by Heather Theurer.

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The powerful storytelling and surrealist design of this piece spoke to me in that we’re all crazy and weird in our own way, and we’re happiest that way. 

Phases of work

1.25 weeks on model blockout

1 week on sculpting

1.75 weeks on texturing

.5 weeks on lighting

.5 weeks on post-processing

The software tools I used

- Maya for modeling

- Mudbox for sculpting

- Substance Painter for tileable textures e.g. balcony marble, tunnel soil, chair leather

- Photoshop for hand-painted textures e.g. playing cards, notes such as “Please eat me” and “Drink me”, hair cards for the flamingo feathers.

- Mari for projecting and hand-painting textures such as displacement and diffuse maps for the face, arms and hands of Alice and the Hatter.

- XGen Interactive Groom for all hair and fur

- Maya V-Ray for lighting and rendering

- Photoshop for post-processing

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