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PSL 54C + Breakdown

PSL 54C + Breakdown

Nacho Navarro Miró
by NavarroN3D on 19 Jan 2023

This is the PSL 54C, a semi-automatic romanian rifle. I made this during my master at Florida Universitaria. I use 3D Max to model the weapon, then textured in Substance Painter and use Marmoset toolbag to render and baking. I also use Agisoft Metashape to take some scans for the render with enviroment

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First person shooter, In game view (With and without Scope)

Now I want to share you some of the word behind the Weapon with a little breakdown

The first and one of the most important parts of the process is to plan the project and look for references. Spending more time at this will save you lots of hours of headaches in the future, I recommend look at YouTube videos and museum pages, Pinterest is cool too but you can find more detail on that places, try to find the more views as you can of the asset and if you need make a small sketch or collage of what you are looking for.

 For those that are new I recommend PureRef as board, this application is golden.

Once we find all the information and images required, we started with the Low and high poly modeling, I want to share some images that I took from this stage.

Try to work modular and take care of the shapes, do not fear have your viewport like this, just be organized and rename all objects to know where you at any point are, get lost on one of these projects only lead to frustration and the desire to set aside the project.

Keep in mind while you are doing the High poly that you will need a Low poly, try to keep as far as possible the turbosmooths (Subdivision surfaces...) so you can optimize your work.

One of the best tips that I have is to keep different saves of the project so you can come back to whatever stage of the project if it is needed (example: PSL_Low_03 / PSL_High_15...).

Once you have the High poly, we need to make the low poly, do the UVs and bake, I am going to be fast in this phase, just be careful of the Bake errors and the hard edges or smoothing groups. I saw you the model without the Bake.

These are the first texture I made, here I have some problems like a very exaggerated height in the metal that make it looks like clay or something more malleable, is important to have a truly clear references in this phase and now how the material behave in different environments and weather.

In this case a have a lack of good reference and I want to introduce everything I see at the Pureref, try to keep loyal to the references and be sure that all references are of the same material (that was not my case).

Then it was the time to summit the first renders and receive the feedback, I will not expand on this part, these are the WIP renders that I took.

Now we have come to one of the most instructive parts, the feedback, do not be afraid to come back and fix some details in the mesh. In my case I must come back and remake some parts of the asset, I lost part of that process, so I skip that part, we continue with the texture that I also do from 0.

I have so many problems with the PBR check and the values of the base color and roughness.

I also made the scope starting with the high poly, I was not proud of the first result so a remade it from the beginning. Here I show you the Texture result:

Once we finally have the good textures it is the time to make some renders, I want to try different things and this time I did an environment using photogrammetry, so I take the photos and here you can see what Megascans is and what I made myself and the environment in Marmoset toolbag.

One tip: try to optimize the photogrammetry meshes or it will be a bit frustrating moving your camera at 3 or 4 frames per second. I do not have any special camera, so I just try to take the photos on a cloudy day to not get sharp shadows. 

Finally, this are the final renders, thank you all for arrive here and hope you like this mini breakdown and find it interesting.

See you soon!

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