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Valeria Sibashvili-Marchand
by MrSandman on 16 Jan 2023

2D character concept development done as a uni project back in 2022

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This was one of my projects done during my time at SAE Institute Oxford where I made an entire 2d character development from sketches to final render. This includes pieces such as the scrapped initial designs which had been reused as inspiration for the newer designs,  moodboard, gesture sketches, thumbnails/design variations, a small study on how I render fabric and candlewax, two prop concepts of swords, two keyframe renders and finally the full body render (Being the remastered concept from the scrapped designs).

Full character development

I worked a lot on improving my rendering and photobashing skills in photoshop along with my understanding in composition, lighting, to provide a variety of creative iterations of a concept and my overall efficiency in working on a time limit. 

KNIGHTS OF WAX / Uni project (2022)

Full body render of the character

Keyframe render 1

Keyframe render variation

Props: Sword concepts


Initial designs, now scrapped

(Remastered designs) Thumbnail/Design variation, gesture sketches and material study.

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