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Recovery of the Heart

Recovery of the Heart

Casey Summerell
by AngellaIm, AnsArt, CaseyS, DesHession, Jhuynh, and SarahCruise on 15 Jan 2023

A woman inside an abstract painting comes to life. While struggling to fit in, she soon discovers there’s more about her to celebrate.

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I was the production manager for this project, however, was still involved across many creative jobs.

Here are my creative involvements with this project. 

Face Rig

Made in After Effects with Duik.Basset2

Character Design by Angella Im

Background Layouts

Made in Photoshop 

Prop art designed and made by Anna Tang, Sarah Cruise and Jayden Huynh

Environmental Design and Art

Made in Illustrator to After Effects

Gallery Building designed and made by Sarah Cruise, Banner designed and made by Jayden Huynh

Compositing and Lighting

Pipeline in After Effect

Character art by Angella Im, (2nd photo) Background layout by Anna Tang

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