by hseenfx on 23 May 2019

I always liked this small kind of apartment with open space so whenever I find some good reference I jump to work.

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The Project is Papi Loft StudioAC. Like most cases I started modeling from photo-reference plans I found them with the rest of the photo-references on Archdaily.

After detailing the scene I started looking for my composition, of course with the unique look of the loft it was clear what is the right angles.
I experimented a lot with different types of lighting (HDRI and some artificial lights), since the loft has a huge window allowing natural light to enter nicely
Modeling was done using 3ds Max, Texturing (my favorite part) was done using V-ray Next and Adobe Lightroom for Post-processing since I use 32-bit images in my workflow
I hope you enjoy it.

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