Sci fi Powergun

Sci fi Powergun

Rodolfo Silva
by RodolfoSilva on 7 Mar 2023

This was a project I made with the purpose to hone my skills when it comes to the whole pipeline of game asset creation and used to apply for a scholarship at Escape Studios.

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I imported the original concept art into Zbrush and did a snapshot 3d projection of the image to get a 3D version of the concept so I could work from there. I changed the original concept to make it more aligned to the style I desired.

In Substance I created a few extra panels, latches and screwports using height decals or normal map stencils. Later I used a height to normal filter in any height map layer information so it could be all baked into the final normal map. I wanted to achieve a fine line between stylized and realistic texturing by using bright, vivid colors while at the same time paying attention to real life facts about materials, such as realistic edge wear, dirt and the metal base layer showing through the painted metal coming off the scratched or worn parts of the model.

Finally I put in the emissive parts of the model to give that extra "energy weapon" look and created a light that has a "power shot attachment" text on top, that changes color based on wheter or not the power shot mod kit is attached to the front of the gun or not.

Started the texturing process by breaking down the original concept and tweaking the color pallete using "Coloors" to something close to what I envisioned.

After the initial layers of texturing were created I did a quick mockup with a halo screenshot so I could see where I might need to focus on the most and to see how the overall look was working.

And here's the final result for the texturing.

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