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Apocryphal: The Depths

Apocryphal: The Depths

by ByrJL on 22 Dec 2022

The underwater sections of a solo animation project using 2D environments to create a mock-up game trailer for a game that doesn't exist.

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This is a section made for a solo animation project using 2D environments and a 3D character wherein I would be making a mock-up game trailer without voice-over. I decided to put all the underwater sections together.

This is the first underwater section that shows up in the trailer is the maze. I made a very rough sketch at first to test in After Effects before proceeding with it.

The second section was a small bit that showed up after the maze, after which we'd be on a platform above water.

For the third section, I used some color tests to see what would work best with the somber mood I was going for with the water, which got applied to all the underwater sections. The second section was built around this as well.

Unlike the second section, this one was very long. Working from darkness to light was very fun as well.

Her arm is detached, but bear with me.

This bit comes after the very end of the downward third underwater section is reached. Unlike those, there would be no 3D model moving in it.

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