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Rail gun

Rail gun

by AlejandroBonilla on 19 Dec 2022

rail gun / gauss cannon inspired by the fallout 4 and warhammer 40k saga

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Here is my latest modeled piece, it is a gauss cannon or rail gun. I took inspiration from a weapon with the same name from Fallout 4, from there once I had a base I started to give it my own personal details.

Once I had the base made, I passed the program to Z brush to do damage and details. One of these details are inspired by warhammer 40k in the metallic/golden inscriptions around the weapon.



The program I used to texturize the weapon was substance painter.

Substance render:

Here you can see the two versions I made of the weapon, on the left the "low" version (made in blender) and on the right the version already sculpted in zBrush.

The baking of the asset was done in marmoset, being such a complex piece and with so many small parts (magnets, wires, generator) I had to bake it in 3 different maps (3 different materials).

Here I show the bake configuration I used and the different bake groups I created.

Finally I show the texture maps and some renders that I made to the weapon in blender.

Weapon body:



Detailed views

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