Animals and creatures portfolio

Animals and creatures portfolio

Ana Dascalu
by anadascalu on 1 Jun 2019

A gallery with both digital and traditional artwork featuring my favorite animals and creatures. Some of the work in this portfolio was commissioned and some is my "just for fun" work.

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Hello there!

One thing i know i love is nature, but i also love to dream.
And when one adds a bit of imagination to the mix, for sure the result is fantasy. 

This is a dream guardian.

Nightmares are dreadful, and while asleep we're vulnerable against our own fears, worries and anxiety. I see dreams as miniature stars floating around in the dream world, but they need protection against darkness. The dream guardian is a creature that fights away any gloom and shelters the dreams within it's wings.

Creatures are one of my favorite. 

Here are some griffins i did a while ago, and they found purpose in the pages of a calendar. 

One can't be a creature lover without including dragons.

Sketchbook dragons.

And now it's time for some cute animals. 

Drawing animals was always my favorite thing.

 As a girl, i had a huge herd of imaginary unicorns and horses, and drawing them was just as fun as playing with them. 

Soon after, i discovered bunnies. 

And then there were mice. 

Here are some other animal drawings, they don't fit in just one category; you will see sketches, random doodles and even finished pieces. 

When i'm not drawing, i usually read. 

A good bookmark is essential for an enjoyable reading session.  Lately, i found birds being the best reading pals.

We're now almost over with this portfolio, and the last thing i want to show you are my Christmas drawings.  It's maybe my favorite holiday and each year i make paintings for the important people in my life.

Thank you!

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