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3D Modeling Webley MKVI + exercises

3D Modeling Webley MKVI + exercises

by ItsCicada on 15 Dec 2022

I made these for short semester assignments

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Webley MK VI, Hard Surface modeling by Sebastian

This is one of the project I made for assignment in The One Academy, I tried to model a real life object instead of going free and model a concept art. I wanted to learn technical stuff in this short semester so I will not worry about them too much in the future. I learn more about how to reroute edge flow, retopo with quad draw, boolean in blender, better beveling workflow, etc. All thanks to Tommy Wong's lecture and feedback.

All work I showed here are pure Marmoset toolbag 4 render with no photoshop enhancing.

Modeled blockouts in Blender, Retopo and UV + simple animation in Maya.

Though I still notice a lot of mistakes, like how I rushed the UV part and should've separated the ammo from the body. and how I stopped modelling the internals (I did model the hollow part of the body but did not continue with the small parts leaving space for internals if I got time). Also the polycount could've been better and lower. texture also could've done better since I rushed the texture in this one (I'm bored very easily).

But yeah more room for improvement I guess and here I attach some modelling bonus for the exercise in between project.

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