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Animation Demo Reel

Animation Demo Reel

by RhenaldyAristoChandra on 12 Dec 2022

One of the Project for my Uni (The One Academy)

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This is one of my Uni Project in The One Academy on Applied Practice in Animation class.

Animated full-body mechanics is a new subject I learn this semester. A lot of mistakes were made through my learning prosses.

Thanks to Sun Lim for being the Lecturer

To begin with, I started doing the Run Animation first by following the key pose blocking, spline, and final result.

Then, I started doing the Leap Animation by taking my own reference, blocking, and spline.

After that, I started doing the Attack Animation start by creating a thumbnail together with finding reference (https://youtu.be/BGLBFPhnlkc), blocking, and spline.

Finally, started doing the Obstacle Animation start by creating a thumbnail together with the layout, finding references, blocking, and spline.

I use playblast based on the render setting with 1920x1080 resolution to produce all of this video.

Thank you for watching.


I would like to thank the lecturer (Sun Lim) who taught me the workflow of animator and teach me how to be a better animator like finding key poses, adjusting timing, adjusting animation graphs, and also technical things like constrain. I learn a lot from the beginning until the end of this assignment and a lot of experience gained.

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