The Golden Line, Bioshock-London

The Golden Line, Bioshock-London

As part of our second year in BA for video game art at Escape Studios, we had a 12 week project to the brief ''Bioshock-London''. I was creative lead for the team and here you can see my specific asset contributions to the project. Link for full project in detail

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Bioshock London

As a second year BA in Game Art team we had 12 weeks to create a Bioshock - London themed environment. The goal was to make it look like a new DLC for the games using UE4. There were 9 of us in total and we all took part in creating the environment at Escape Studios, Pearson College. 
I was creative lead and was responsible for overseeing the look and style of our environment. Below you can see the more specific assets I contributed to the scene. You can see the environment in depth at our group submission.

Team members and their main role were:
Hannah Clark - Lead/Environment Artist

Viktor Pecsi - Producer/Environment Artist

Willow Sorour - Lighting/Prop Artist

Kyran Roe - Character/Environment Artist

Giulia Sfogliarini - Writer/Environment Artist

Jakub Ziaja - Tech/Prop Artist

Palagamsan Sivapathasundaram - Tech/VFX Artist

Joel Mulenga - VFX/Audio Artist

Tyrone Harper - Environment/Prop Artist

Liliths Cafe
I created the base cafe for this area using Maya and Substance Painter. I also created the cash register, sandwich display case, cups, saucers and arranged them in Unreal. 

I was also responsible for all foliage in the scene. In total there are 5 different ferns for variation, a Hydrangea and a Clematis that was added to a spline created by our technical artist so that it could be wrapped around items in the environment. 

Drinking Fountain

For a 3 week specialism I designed an imposing British themed drinking fountain based on the Marylebone lions in London. Using zbrush, maya and substance painter. For the group project I re-topologised it to be more efficient and re-textured in substance painter. 

Misc Assets

Finally I took part in creation of some materials and other smaller assets. More significantly the main floor tile in our main hall, where I created a broken version we could vertex paint. These tiles were created in substance designer and based on the floor tiles found in Surbiton Station. 

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