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Majora The Legend of Zelda - Environment - U5

Majora The Legend of Zelda - Environment - U5

by LeaMoureaux on 29 Nov 2022

The goal of this project was to create a scifi environment with a pop culture icon. I realized all the aspects of this environment except the foliage.

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Quick synopsis

In the main hall of a museum, the icon ''Majora'' from the license "The Legend of Zelda" is installed in the center of the room. Also in this room is the bell tower clock from "Majora's Mask". The mask is in poor condition, it suffers the consequences of the passage of time, one of its eyes is torn off, its paint is old and a bit faded... In addition, it is connected to pipes ceiling electrics. One of the gears that chains the magnetic force field is broken, the mask is released. This is why the hall is now sealed and abandoned or almost abandoned.

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