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Pass the Gas - mobile game assets

Pass the Gas - mobile game assets

Igor Przybyła
by Iprz on 28 Nov 2022

Mobile game assets for my latest mobile game - "Pass the Gas"

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Spug - The space dog

Dob - The human squid

Gromper - The grumpy alien

Boongus - The living mushroom

Cosmopus - The space octopus

Pass the Gas is a mobile tycoon city builder. It's my most recent project. As a character artist i modelled, retopologized, unwrapped, textured rigged and animated 6 characters. They can be now found in the game prototype walking around the space gas station.

Pass the Gas is a game where you become the owner of an abandoned gas station in space. Your task is to grow your station, build new interesting building and invite aliens from all around the universe to become the most prosperous gas station in space. 

The game is still in a very early development stage, but I keep working on it with me team and we regularly update it with new changes and fixes.

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