Environment art for The Bleak:

Environment art for The Bleak:

by hrc3D on 22 Nov 2022

Renders of my best works for the horror game The Bleak done at Lightbox Academy.

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My fav render from the bathroom floor and walls I made for the The Bleak. The lighting was fun to experiment with on my own.

Maps for the nightmare version of the bathroom. Both versions have 1K resolution textures, we were asked to optimize as much as possible.

In-game screenshot of the bathroom in the normal world, the props were done by my teammates. 

Maps for the texture for the normal world version. Just one UDIM was used in both versions.

A few marmoset renders of the nightmare mode bathroom (by far my favorite version thanks to the creative given to me to do it).

An interactable pendrive I textured for the game, in-game screenshot 256x256 resolution texture.

In-game screenshot of the bathroom in nightmare mode.

An interactable prop cake I textured for the game.

This version of the lift where the game started was discarded in the final version, it's a pretty common thing to happen the leads may want a different version for the final product, but I had fun texturing it anyway. 

In-game screenshot of one of the many doors I textured for the game.

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