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Radioactive Dragonfly

Radioactive Dragonfly

Francesco Bedont
by Bluxor29 on 13 Nov 2022

Hello everyone, here is my first digital sculpture artwork based on an original concept created at @skyupacademy. The theme of this project was "Warrior Insects". After I drew the character, I made the model in plasticine. Then I sculpted the 3D model in ZBrush and finally rendered it in Maya with V-Ray.

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NAME: Dragonfly Mach 25

ORIGINS: Following the explosion of a nuclear power plant, the dragonfly merged with the components of the power plant and changed in order to survive.

ROLE: Dragonfly Mach 25 manages to reach hypersonic speed and is useful for destroying the front line of rival soldiers thanks to the high speed that causes a strong destructive impact.

Its second purpose is to generate a sort of radioactive barrier from the body that serves to prevent the arrival of enemy reinforcements.

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