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Aliens and Animals

Aliens and Animals

Eli Marusich
by EliMarusich on 11 Nov 2022

Creatures I conceptualized for a story world taking place on another planet.

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These were concepts I sketched for the various creatures that might live on a distant planet for a story world project I was working on.

I first began by sketching an array of aquatic animals based on animals like eel, catfish, crabs, crocodiles, and others. The life on this planet was meant to be large and terrifying to meet in the depths of the sea by comparison to a human.

Another set of creatures I begun conceptualizing was different species of snakes that would dominate the food chains of the plains and jungles. These sketches were quick displays of how the snakes might vary in appearance and similarity to real snakes.

This sketch was of an alien meant in part to bare some resemblance to a griffin while possessing more reptilian features as reptiles were the primary creatures living on the surface of the planet.

Following the theme of reptiles, these were some of the other airborne and land based reptiles I conceptualized for the ecosystems of this planet.

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