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Tobey Maguire 3D  Sculpt

Tobey Maguire 3D Sculpt

by Gono on 7 Nov 2022

A 3D model of Tobey Maguire to practice facial sculpting and painting skills.

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This sculpt was incredibly time-consuming and was filled with trial and error, but I'm ultimately happy with how it turned out. It was a lot of fun trying to achieve Tobey Maguire's likeness.

One major issue I had was with the fibermesh for his hair. I noticed that Tobey's hair often seemed to clump together in larger strands, so I tried out multiple different fibermesh settings to get something that I felt closely resembled his hair. I wanted to emulate the messy look from the first reference with this hairstyle. I was satisfied with how it came out on the sculpt itself, but after rendering I became less satisfied with the result. I'd like to come back to this at some point to try and fix the issues I have with his hair.

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