Light Fan

Light Fan

Olivia Curelariu
by oliviacurelariu on 20 May 2019

This is my first 3D project – the Light Fan. It’s a mixture between a vintage oscillating electric fan and a lamp, therefore the Light Fan. I wanted to create a model that would take me through the general workflow of making an asset, so I can get a first feeling of what is what.

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I’ve done the modeling and UVs in Maya, the texturing in Substance Painter and the renders are high-res screen shots from Unreal. The presentation movie is also captured from Unreal Engine and I just added a soundtrack in Adobe Premiere. Now that it’s finally complete (it took me a while to get familiar with each of the softwares and the workflow in itself) I can say I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. This model has around 106k triangles.

The audio is part of Canon in D Major, by Kevin MacLeod, that is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Source:

I hope you guys like it. Please feel free to leave constructive feedback, comments or suggestions.

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