Medieval House

Medieval House

Agustin Ferreira
by AgustinFerreira on 21 Oct 2022

Medieval House (Concept Art: Ji Young Joo). This was the biggest project I had done in the university and it was one that took a lot of work but also brought a lot of new learning. I am happy with the result although I could not find a background that convinced me 100% for the composition.

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Modeled in Maya, textured with Substance 3D Painter, lit and rendered with Arnold and final composition made using Photoshop. Project carried out in the 3D Production Fundamentals module in Animum Creativity Advanced School.

I still have to perform the retopology of the model to optimize it even more. For now this is the final version and I really wanted to share it.

Hope you like it. Any feedback is welcome!

Final Composition


Final composition to Beauty



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