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Matthew Kosenko
by Yummybacon123 on 7 Oct 2022

Studio 2 project in the works using shrink and grow mechanics to solve puzzles.

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Update - 20 Dec 2022

Quick update on new assets/materials, post processing updates and real time reflections using reflection probes.
Bookshelf sliding platform puzzle is finalized.
Dollhouse tag/hide and seek minigame implemented with Unity's navigation system.

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Update - 9 Dec 2022

Some texture tests and model tests (post processing disabled)

Update - 7 Oct 2022

Daydream is a Studio 2 project for our uni course.
Currently in early development.

Summary: The game is a puzzle sandbox in where the player can shrink to 2% size and unshrink at will to solve puzzles.

Updates will come as game becomes more fleshed out and "pretty"

Collaborators:  Nicola Golias, Kelly Burnell, Isabella Anderson
Concept Art: Nicola Golias
Modelling: Kelly Burnell, Isabella Anderson