The Theys
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The Theys

Paloma Méndez Gómez
by pahlee on 2 Oct 2022

The Theys is a personal project of character and conceptual design. All four group members; Palee, Keeke, Maw, and Franz were inspired by the animals assigned a duck, a frog, a snail, and a hedgehog.

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Update - 2 Oct 2022

Palee. The character is inspired by a yellow duck, The character wears a yellow helmet with a duck face on top and blue wings on the sides. The wings are also positioned in the jacket they wear. It also displays a yellow duckling on the top they wear. I decided to go for vibrant colors since I wanted to represent movement and used sharp triangular shapes for the wings. 

FranzShe was inspired by a snail, so the character's helmet and outfit are inspired by it. The snail's shell-inspired backpack replicates the home feel the shell gives to the snail with the resources Franz carries in the bag. Also, to imitate the shell, some circles with spirals are located in the bag and in the top she wears. 

KeekeThe character resembles a frog. Keeke’s outfit is inspired by goth and emo clothing. I picked the red-eyed tree frog species for the color palette for the helmet and the gloves. Keeke's ability kit consists of being able to attach themselves to any surface with their sticky green gloves. It also has special goggles that can guide Keeke through any jungle.

MawiMawi's character is inspired by a hedgehog. This influence can be noticed on the spikey helmet and the Spear in the form of a needle he holds. The spikes symbol is also used in his vest as a light purple. 

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