Mechanic like Jump King Game for Android
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Mechanic like Jump King Game for Android

Juan Antonio Vizcaino Merino
by ToniVizcaino on 25 Sep 2022

Here I have made the movement mechanics of the Jump King game but for use in an Android Game.

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Update - 25 Sep 2022

I show you the mechanics as Jump King, Jump King is a platform game where you have to climb to the top without falling, calculates the force of the jump depending on how long you hold down the button and you have no indication of how much force you have, which makes it difficult to climb the platforms. This mechanics is exclusively made for android, if we wanted to have it also for computer we should modify it. 

This work does not end here, together with my classmate we are making a game that is as similar as possible to the original game, but that can be played on Android.

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