Airship Room

Airship Room

Hazel Phua
by zaelhyl on 16 Sep 2022

Based on a concept by Fangzhou Hu on Artstation:

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This is my first attempt at trying to create an environment in Unreal Engine 5 for a class in university. Went through it without any insight/experience so I actually ran into a lot of challenges that needed troubleshooting. Glad to have at least my peers and my lecturer's guidance and feedback through it. 

Though I'm not completely happy with it, I think I need to remind myself that finishing a project is more important than making it perfect. This was my first time using Unreal Engine after all and the time spent was worth it because I really learned a lot about the pipeline of making a realtime environment in a game engine. Will definitely keep improving from here onwards and I'm hoping to do more projects in the future!

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