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Marauder Continuation
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Marauder Continuation

by Vona on 14 Sep 2022

I found a starship troopers mod for the game "Squad" that could make use of this asset, but lacks an animator/rigger in order to implement it, so I am covering that using some older assets I created a long time ago xD

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Update - 18 Jan 2023

Updated the walk cycle to add more overlapping motion and more weight to the mech to really give it the feeling of being a hulking weapon rather than a stiff machine

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Update - 12 Oct 2022

Hit #1 on the steam workshop for the game "Squad"

Few Images

Update - 1 Oct 2022

Steam Workshop Page -

Update - 30 Sep 2022

A few videos of the maruader in action within the mod! A massive thanks to the Squad "Troopers Mod" for accepting this asset and giving it a solid lease on life as well as creating the vfx and new textures for it! (Seen in the youtube videos above)

Update - 30 Sep 2022

It got implemented into the mod -

The texture was redone as the UV was optimised down to 2 texture maps instead of 1 and the seams were more effectively hidden from the ground view.

Update - 14 Sep 2022

Step One - Rigging

Here I set up drivers, weight painting, bone layers and constraints in order to make the animation process more intuitive.

Step Two - Animation First Pass

Step Three - Animation Second Pass

More Passes To Follow as well as more cycles, as this is intended to be put into a Starship Troopers mod for the game Squad as a usable vehicle