Flying Fox Model

Flying Fox Model

by Gono on 14 Sep 2022

This model of a flying fox was made in ZBrush in order to gain experience with modelling animals.

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Creating this model provided a brand new experience for me: modelling actual living creatures. There were a lot of challenges to get through and things to learn regarding this model, but overall I'm happy with how it turned out.

One major challenge I initially had was modelling the face in a way that looked accurate to the real creature. After multiple iterations, I was able to land on a face shape that I was happy with. This project was also my first experience with FiberMesh, so I had to spend a good amount of time playing with those settings until I landed on something that seemed accurate.

I also went through multiple iterations of the patterns on the wings. Using color spray in ZBrush seemed to work at first, but I was unhappy with how splotchy the wings looked after finishing them. Instead, I redid them without color spray and carefully made a gradient from yellow to dark red. I wanted to recreate the veiny look from the leftmost reference, so I had to get more and more detailed with painting over the wings until I finally achieved that look.

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