The Old Days

The Old Days

by ItsCicada on 1 Sep 2022

One of the Project for my Uni (The One Academy)

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This is one of my Uni Project in The One Academy, which is 3D environment modelling.

I tried to be not too fancy with the modelling, I wanted to keep things as simple as I can since this is the first time I model a full scene and texture it. A lot of mistakes was made but a lot of experience gained.

Thanks to Ray Chung and Tommy Wong for being the Lecturer

Ref used:

To begin with, I started doing the blocking of the Environment first and try to improve the blocking bit by bit until I get a nice composition with the chair/table as the main object.

Then, I started doing the Highpoly modelling for the things inside. Chair, globe, crates, lamp, books, etc.

For the boxes with the book and the shelf I used rigid body simulation and adjust it later since its a lot faster than rotating it one by one.

Exporting the UV I wanted to try to use UDIMS to increate the resolution of the texture since without it, it was really small. 

NOTE: I assigned a lot of materials (Blin) which is actually a way to create different texture with the same UV and Mesh but having too much of materials just for the sake of being able to hide it in the substance painter was a huge mistake.

As I thought importing the texture back to Maya was a pain when you have a lot of materials.

I exported from Substance Painter to .targa

following the Adobe Substance Painter documentation for the base materials work quite well, though it seems that something's wrong with the roughness or metalness. It was found out that I just needed to change all of the roughness and metalness map to RGB with photoshop. 

I used 10AA with GPU rendering RTX3070 laptop GPU with time of around 2-5 minutes. Applied Optix denoiser to help with the noise on the glass and darker area.

Refining it more inside photoshop and adding dust and a bit of lighting to enhance the focus and the feeling of the whole scene


I would like to thank the lecturers (Ray and Tommy) who taught me how to texture and explain a lot of things like what is .tx or what is UDIM, Materials, etc. I learn a lot doing this assignment and a lot of experience gained.

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